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Ad 38: Maximum absorption. Nikol Paper Towels Ads by GITAM BBDO.

These ads are photography based with some nice images. They have a mix of soft but bright colours and the focus and composition is nice to look at. But the product image touches the bottom of the ad and looks quite randomly placed. And it takes a while to work out what the ad is actually showing, that the paper towels are so absorbent they have absorbed the liquid from the fruit. But still I think these are quite nice ads and an interesting idea.

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Ad 47: Chobani ‘Just Add Good’.

This ad is just quite cute. The colours are soft but bright, as if morning light. The music is soft and gentle but happy. The cinematography is well done with close ups and shots that just make the foods look delicious. The ad just makes you happy and smile, and want to cook your own foods. And they have quite a homely comforting feel to them also.

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Inspire 48: Barclaycard Christmas.

Mixing doodles and real images to make is fun and playful.

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What is it with kids and boxes? McDonald’s Happy Meal Ads by Leon Burnett

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Pepsi Max’s unbelievable busshelter.

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Landscapes, Joseph Ford

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By the Sea Exhibition has been running in Australia since 1997. One of my favourite pieces that has won the exhibition was Orest Keywan’s melting ice cream truck. He won a nice $30,000 for his sculpture which I’m sure is enough for him to buy a real ice cream truck now.



my uncle is going to buy a painting by this artist. It’s really pretty miraculous, he suspends himself over the canvas with a gigantic brush and paint one stroke on the canvas. only one continuous stroke.


Pinterest CEO Portrait | Eric Daigh

22,675 — that’s the number of push pins it took him to create this cool artwork. It really a brilliant scheme, he mapped out each individual CMYK pixel at low-res in photoshop and printed that mapping on the cork-board. Systematically placing each blue, red, yellow, black and white push pins in the appropriate space. Just like off-set printing! Simple and so fitting for the social media trailblazers Pinterest.

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